Fire Rated Junction Boxes

Fire Rated Junction Boxes

IP Enclosures provide a range of Fire Rated Junction Boxes approved for intrinsic fire resistance. They are designed and tested in accordance with BS 6387 for Category C: Resistance to fire alone, Category W: Resistance to fire with water & Category Z: Resistance to fire with mechanical shocks.

Features & Specifications

Protection: IP66, IK10
Standard: IEC62208, BS 6387:2013 (Cat. C, W, Z), DIN 4102-12, IEC60529, IEC62262
Rating: Rated insulation voltage 800V
Current Carrying Capacity: 57A
Service Temperature Range: -60°C to +140°C

Fire Rating:

– Intrinsic fire resistance in accordance with DIN4102 part 12 in combination with fire survival cables and ceramic terminal block.
– Intrinsic fire resistance from external flame, water and external impact with BS6387:2013 in combination with fire survival cables and ceramic terminal block.
– DIN4102-12, 950°C (1742°F) in a closed Chamber, E90 Certification (Flame Only)
– BS6387 “C”, 950°C (1742°F) for 3 hours (Flame Only)
– BS6387 “Z”, 950°C (1742°F) for 15 minutes (External Impact)
– BS6387 “W”, 950°C (1742°F) for 30 minutes (Water Spray)


– Body: Steel, Powder Coated
– Lid: Steel, Powder Coated
– Seal: Silicone VMQ


The body and lid/cover is fabricated using sheet steel, powder coated with facility for external mounting brackets.


RAL2003 Orange

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Fire Rated Junction Box Enclosure

Sizes and Ordering Information

Part Number Enclosure Size (mm)Ceramic Terminal
SKUL x W x H2 Pole3 Pole
IP-FRJ01100 x 100 x 10011
IP-FRJ02150 x 150 x 10022
IP-FRJ03200 x 150 x10043
IP-FRJ04200 x 200 x 10533
IP-FRJ05250 x 150 x 10053
IP-FRJ06350 x 250 x 10564